Mid-day Meal

On the 28th of November 2001, the Supreme Court of India directed the State Governments and Union Territories to implement Mid-Day Meal Scheme in all Government and Government Aided Schools ensuring that every child in each of these schools received a meal on all school days.

The Scheme aims at

  • Avoiding classroom hunger
  • Tackling malnutrition
  • Increasing enrolment and attendance
  • Improving socialisation among castes
  • Empowering women with employment opportunities

The NP-NPSE 2006 required that the Governments mobilise community support and adopt public-private partnership for implementation of Mid-Day Meal Scheme, wherever possible.

Government of Karnataka had in fact already established partnership with Akshaya Patra for implementation of ‘Akshara Dasoha,’ Mid-Day Meal Scheme of the State Government, in the year 2005. The partnership became a beacon of success and ever since Akshaya Patra has partnered with various State Governments and Central Government of India and is now in 12 States & 2 Union territory of India

Akshaya Patra works in tandem with needs of the children by preparing meals as preferred by the local palates and nutritional requirements of the Scheme.  Its perseverance in bringing, a wholesome meal cooked in highly hygienic kitchens has been recognized as it serves as a member of the National Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee for the Mid-Day Meal Programme.

Mid day meal scheme implemented by Akshaya Patra in 2001, November. The scheme aims is avoiding classroom hunger and increasing enrolment and attendance etc.